Islamist Egypt Puts Israel on the Liberty Battlefront

The so called Arab Spring is turning into a nuclear winter. Metaphorically, but maybe even literally. The Muslim Brotherhood have just won the Egyptian presidential election, which effectively transforms Egypt into an Islamist state like Iran. Anyone who has the slightest shred of doubt what this means should watch the video by Breitbart included at the end of this article. In this video, the new Egyptian president, Mr. Mursi, declares that it is time to “forget about the whole world, forget about the conferences” and urges “millions of martyrs” to march to make sure Jerusalem becomes their new capital.

In other words, negotiations and talks are for the dim-witted who still think that the Muslim Brotherhood is just another political party in just another parliamentary democracy. They are not. They are a totalitarian movement out to eradicate every trace of Western Civilization within their jurisdiction (and beyond). This puts Israel at the battlefront of the global fight for liberty. If the Islamists were to ever succeed in destroying Israel, they would not stop there.

Can they succeed in taking on Israel? Very likely, the answer is a resounding “no”. But that does not mean they won’t try. In fact, the Islamist movement is already engaged in a war of attrition against Israel in the shape of Hamas and its daily rocket attacks on Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood is a strong supporter of Hamas.

If anyone  is in doubt of this, and of what the Muslim Brotherhood wants to do with its new-found power, here is some food for thought. In August 2011 the American Thinker aptly defined the organization as a fundamentalist, authoritarian and belligerent Islamist movement:

The Muslim Brotherhood has just issued an ultimatum to the Israeli ambassador in Egypt, telling him to “leave Egypt or die.”  Brotherhood activists have rallied together, emboldened by their rise to prevalence in the political vacuum created by Mubarak’s resignation, to show the world that “[r]evolution is stronger than the Zionist attackers,” and they go on to say that “the entire Egyptian people are Hamas.” … The Muslim Brotherhood’s new message is very similar: all Islamic men in Egypt, whoever they may be, should stand and be counted as members of Hamas.

This is the same Hamas that in its charter calls for the destruction of Israel and is currently waging a war of attrition on Israel. Hamas attacks Israel on an almost daily basis, with 100 rockets launched during the 48 hours of June 19 and June 20 alone.

This organization now has the backing of the civilian government of Egypt. It remains to be seen how long it will take before they also have complete control over the Egyptian military as well.

So what will happen once the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas get to set the political agenda for Egypt, and any other country they may get their hands on? Let’s go back to the American Thinker article:

There are the Western apologists for Hamas, who fight against all logic and evidence to portray the group as a viable representative in the Palestinian bid for statehood.  People of this mindset generally believe Palestinians to be under the thumb of Zionist oppression, much like the West Berliners who lived in [an enclave] within East Germany

To these apologists, the American Thinker says, the Muslim Brotherhood is coming to the Palestinians with a message of freedom much in the same way as John F Kennedy did when he gave his famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech at the Berlin Wall:

But here’s the problem. Though these apologists willingly embrace the concept of freedom and perhaps cannot imagine how anyone could not do so, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas stand for anything but “freedom.”  Carrying forth “the torch of liberty” may have been a defining factor in JFK’s ideology, but to the Brotherhood and Hamas, all is secondary to carrying forth Allah’s will, which, according to the Quran, is for all Muslim men to fight unbelievers until religion is “only for Allah” (Surah 2:193). Freedom does not hold the same value in fundamental Islamic practice as it does for the Western world that has really come to fancy the concept in the last five centuries.  Submission, the very translation of Islam, is far superior to “freedom” for fundamentalist Muslims like those that make up the Brotherhood.

Egypt is the most powerful Arab nation outside of Saudi Arabia. It is now ideologically aligned with Iran. It does not take the brain power of a nuclear scientist – Iranian or other – to realize what this means. And it does not take an Egyptian military officer to realize that the ruling Egyptian Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) is the only thin line between peace with Israel and an all-out regional war. The tensions between the SCAF and the Muslim Brotherhood are going to escalate until the new president, Mr. Mursi, gets to appoint his own leadership of the military.

Needless to say, if Israel is attacked by Iranian missiles and the Egyptian military at the same time, the IDF will deploy all its arsenal without discretion. Israel will fight for its survival with all it has – including nuclear weapons if necessary.

A lot of people are going to remain in denial on this, and it is entirely possible that President Obama is one of those Chamberlinians. In this view, the Russian efforts to prevent the overthrow of Bashar Assad, the Syrian dictator, absurdly enough come across as a stabilizing factor; the only “positive” thing to say about Assad is that he has no intention of going to war with Israel. Prior to the uprising in Syria, Assad’s oppression of his own people was in no way less abhorrent than the oppression that the Iranian dictatorship inflicts on its own people. But his lack of desire to engage Israel militarily preserved a tyrannical status quo instead of plunging his people to yet another level of suffering (as much as we tend to deny it, Hell has its own tiers…). This is not to say that the end of the Assad regime would automatically bring about a Muslim Brotherhood-style government in Syria, but the mere prospect of a direct line of weapons shipment, troop movements and nuclear missile launch pad sites from Tehran to the Golan Heights should be terrifying enough even to keep Vladimir Putin up at night. If the Islamists were to ever succeed in destroying Israel, they will set their sights on Berlin, London, Washington, DC – and Moscow.

With this in mind, it is absolutely essential that we who love and cherish liberty draw a line in the sand at the borders of Israel. It is critical that we integrate the survival and the security and peace of Israel in our efforts to defend liberty against its totalitarian enemies.

This means supporting freedom-minded people in places already under all sorts of tyranny, including Islamist rule. It means reaching out to those who are about to end up under the boot of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt – do not forget the Coptic Christians! – and helping those who want to stop the further proliferation of Islamism.

Here is the video with the speech where the new Egyptian president, Mr. Mursi, calls for all martyrs to march on Israel:

God bless Israel, and God bless all those who fight for liberty around the world.