Dear Readers

Thank you for making June the best month ever on this blog, and this past week the second best ever! I am honored by the steady rise in readership, and not just here in America. There is a large, regular readership in Europe, and growing interest in South Korea, Australia, India, South Africa and several other countries.

Over the past two years I have published an economic newsletter ever other week. I am going to start publishing it for the third year this fall, but with a slightly different format. Thanks to the growing readership both here in America and internationally, I am going to combine domestic, U.S. analysis with an international outlook. This will take more work, so the idea is to publish it only once a month. On the other hand the newsletter will be more comprehensive, with two longer essays and a shorter, quick-take section.

Again, this is the plan for September. Until then, I will of course continue to blog as usual, but also develop my radio broadcasting skills. My next two-hour show with KGAB 650 will be on August 11, but before that I am going to start a weekly, Friday morning segment on the same radio station. You will be able to hear it online.

Thanks again! Keep up the good freedom fight!