America: Born Free, Taxed to Death

While the president is out there practicing Marxism, a friend, David, sent me this note:

So Sven, it has finally happened. With my taxes set to go up 5% and another 1% going to Obamacare I now put aside more money in taxes than I take home. All the while still having to save for my kids tuition for which others get gov support. So I have achieved the American Dream. I came to this country with parents and nothing else but some clothing. My whole family and I busted our asses to now support those that are not as smart, motivated, or hard working. The US got a great deal granting my parents citizenship! Maybe Darwin was wrong after all.

David is a very skilled and experienced surgeon. One of those guys who has worked extremely hard for his financial success. He does not have to do what he does here. He does not have to work for The Man if he does not want to. He could move anywhere in the world. Private, and privately funded, hospitals in Switzerland would receive him with open arms. Germany still has a niche of privately paid health care that can attract talent like his. Even the Netherlands, who has wisely moved in the opposite direction of health reform than we have, away from government incursions, could now emerge as a talent magnet for professionals like him.

Let’s keep people like David in mind come November.

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