Thanks, All Readers! Keep Coming Back!

Dear Readers,

Thank you for making August the second best month ever on this blog. We are now steadily at 300-500 readers per week, and you are spread out across the world. Most are from the United States, of course, but we also have a strong, steady readership in Canada, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Brazil and South Korea. There are readers in Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Australia… and several other countries.

I will continue to cover American and European politics and policy, but I am also expanding coverage to other countries. The problems that America and Europe are struggling with – an over-bloated welfare state and the ideological clash between freedom and socialism – are not unique to this the “old” industrialized world.

During the month of September I will start a monthly newsletter. Old readers of this blog have had access to my Economic Newsletter, which turned out to be pretty popular. This new, monthly newsletter will have a global reach and focus more on the challenge facing Western Civilization itself. Since it is a more laborious project, I won’t publish it bi-weekly, but instead once a month. The first issue will be out in mid-September.


Thank you again! Keep coming back!!


S R Larson