Tax-Paid Abortions Drive Gendercide

Are you an American woman jumping up and down with joy over the prospect of having an abortion under Obamacare, courtesy of taxpayers? Well, keep jumping. You might want to make sure you stay good shape and have a long and healthy life, because before you know it there will be fewer of your kind. Countries that allow tax-paid abortions are quitely engaging in a gendercide against women. Dispatch International, a new and promising Swedish newspaper, has the story:

Swedish and foreign women are exploiting Swedish abortion laws to abort their female fetuses. The problem has grown so large Europe-wide that the Council of Europe (CoE) passed a resolution against gender selection – a resolution that Sweden chose to ignore. This resolution is merely a guideline, announces the press secretary of the Social Minister.

Sweden has allowed abortions on taxpayers’ tab for almost half a century. Some statistics have classified abortion as the most widespread contraception method, with one in four pregnancies being terminated by abortion. This is, of course, heavily supported by the Swedish feminist elite; it is very telling that the story about abortion-driven gendercide against women is broken by a conservative-leaning news outlet like Dispatch International.

The problem for the women’s movement is that they have elevated abortion almost to a rite of passage for a true feminist. It is like when a prospective member of Hells Angels has to do time before he can be admitted as a full member. Therefore, the feminists cannot criticize this use of abortions, because that would imply that they would advocate restrictions on the practice of killing unborn babies.

Kudos again to Dispatch International for breaking this story, and for explaining how abortion is being incorporated into an entire arsenal of gendercide instruments:

The world is short of more than a hundred million girls. These children have been targeted with abortions, died at birth or have been mistreated to death – merely for being born female. The killing of girls has become so extensive that it is being classified as an ongoing genocide, or more precisely gendercide.

Let’s note, again, that abortion is being used on par with mistreatment, abuse and other methods for killing unwanted children. Yet when pro-abortionists speak of the practice they call it part of “health care”. Last time I checked, pregnancy was not a disease, but their reason for calling it “health care” is of course that they want taxpayers to have to pay for it.

Should taxpayers then also be forced to pay for other methods for killing unwanted babies? Should infanticide be elevated to the same level of “acceptance” in our culture as abortion? That question is not as far-fetched as it seems.

Back to the Dispatch story:

The methods for committing gendercide have been refined through the last decades. New technology makes it possible to identify the sex relatively early in pregnancy by cheap ultrasound scanning, which leads to more undesired girls being discarded when they are only fetuses. The phenomenon, which used to be limited to parts of Asia and Eastern Europe, has now spread to the USA as well as to other parts of Europe.

Just wait until Planned Parenthood don’t have to pretend anymore that they aren’t paying for abortions with tax-paid grants. Or, for that matter, when Medicaid will start offering abortions right and left at no cost.

That gendercide has become a genuine threat even in Europe is confirmed by the Council of Europe, where in 2011 the parliamentary assembly passed resolution 1829 against gender selection. The resolution urged member states to closely follow the statistical trends for births of boys versus girls in order to discover tendencies towards gender selection. The countries were also encouraged to note separately if any such tendency occurs within specific population groups, and report this back to the CoE Committee of Ministers.

The aforementioned hand-wringing among feminists over this is put on full display in Sweden:

Sweden, however, chose to ignore the resolution. The motivation for this being that the resolution is not legally binding, and that it is considered difficult to prevent abortions targeting girls, due to the extremely liberal Swedish abortion laws. Sweden is the only country in Europe that permits abortions up until the time where it is estimated that the child could live outside the womb, that is, until the 22nd week pregnancy. Up to and including week 18, no justification needs to be given for the abortion, and consequently no statistics exist to show why the women chose abortions.

Any means to track the gender of the babies killed would in other words dethrone Sweden from being the abortion kingdom of the world. The very fact that Sweden, whose government is filled to the brim with self-proclaimed feminists, is so adamantly protective of its reckless abortion laws is face evidence of how women in the feminist movement have elevated abortion above any rational discussion.

The liberal Swedish abortion law is even exploited by women from other countries. Danish ultrasound clinics report about women who, after having an ultrasound scanning for the sex of their fetuses, travel to Sweden in order to have an abortion if they find the child to have the “wrong gender”. Danish law permits abortion merely up to the twelfth week of pregnancy.

I had a related story in July last year where I reported specifically on how Danish women are using Swedish abortion laws to discard babies with cleft palate.

While the feminist movement is a big culprit in this, the ultimate problem is that there is something called “single-payer health care” and that the single payer is government. By claiming that abortion is a health care procedure curing a disease, proponents of socialized medicine are effectively cleaning the gendercide against women of its abhorrent immorality. If government provides the service, then the service is morally acceptable, right?

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