Liberals and Libertarians – A Clarification

Some readers have pointed out in comments and e-mails that I opened my  article about the crumbling Swedish welfare state with a remark about libertarians. The remark suggested that libertarians favor the big Swedish government. Readers have rightly noted that American liberals/progressives are the ones who favor big government in general, and that libertarians are friends of limited governments.

I agree with these comments. However, my reference was to a small group of media-savvy, Beltway insider type of libertarians who have on several occasions expressed everything from sympathy to admiration for the Swedish welfare state and so called “freedom-oriented” reforms to make it work more efficiently. I have documented most of these comments in articles during 2012 and explained how and why those libertarians get it wrong.

I should of course have clarified this to avoid confusion among my many new readers. This blog is experiencing a surge in readership – which I am very appreciative of – and I will make sure to be clearer in the future when it comes to issues that long-time readers are familiar with.

Again, thank you for your comments and thank you for reading The Liberty Bullhorn – the point of origin on the internet for economic freedom!