A Diet of Death

The Daily Mirror, a good British newspaper, has published a must-read story about life inside North Korea:

Our reporter at the border uncovers the true story of North Korea that warmongering Kim Jong-un does not want the outside world to see. A child of around 10 sits dying of starvation by the side of the road while just yards away soldiers load enough rice on to trucks to feed families for weeks. As the young boy slumps on the grimy kerb in his filthy, oversized army jacket, locals stroll past zombie-style without even glancing in his direction or displaying an ounce of pity for his wretched plight. Nearby his friends scavenge in disease-ridden rubbish tips for scraps of what might pass for food in a land where people are so poor they are forced to eat tree bark or even corpses, according to those on the inside.

This is just one of the pictures of life inside Communist Hell:


A ten-year-old boy dying of starvation in the street while people walk by, indifferent to his gruesome fate. According to the Daily Mirror, this and other…

…images show how dehumanised North Koreans have become under the Communist government. Human beings who can walk past children starving to death because they themselves do not have a scrap of food to help has seemingly become the norm. They are used to a daily diet of death and it has clearly hardened their senses.

Do read their entire story. You won’t find it in American mainstream media. They are too busy adoring Obama.