Escalating Political Violence in Sweden

A chilling wave of political violence is sweeping across Sweden. None of this makes it in to European or American mainstream media. This is a shame because the situation in Sweden is destabilizing rapidly. Here are some examples of what is going on right now.

On March 29 Dispatch International reported (with the website’s own rugged translation from Swedish):

It is 1 PM on Saturday 23 March, still a full hour yet until the Swedish Defence League (SDL) is to hold its support rally for a democratic and secular society with free expression. The leftist political partyVänsterpartiet stands perched at the statue of Swedish king Karl X, encouraging those assembled to give the demonstrators from nearby Möllevångstorget a warm welcome. They have barely unfolded their banner with the slogan ”No Breivik soldiers in our streets” before all hell breaks loose in Stortorget. As if on cue, one firecracker after another goes off, and the city squared is drowned in red/green Bengal flames, while the counter-demonstrators attack the riot fence, and with a deafening sound carry it 20-30 meters backwards. It is like being in a war zone, where one becomes worried about surviving it. Although hundreds of police officers are in the streets in order to ensure safety during the SDL rally, they seem taken by surprise. They have permitted the counter-demonstrators to walk up to the outer riot fence, and seem not to have imagined that the counter-demonstrators would  turn violent a full hour before the object of their hate, the SDL, was to appear.

The SDL members allegedly had to be transported out of the area under heavy police protection. It was only a matter of good luck that the rioters did not use anything more powerful than large, noisy and smoke-generating fireworks. That said, such devices can be dangerous as they are, and it is impossible to understand that the Swedish police tolerate their use in public, especially in situations like this one.

Barely a month later, Dispatch International reporter Ingrid Carlqvist – one of Sweden’s most experienced investigative journalists and co-founder of Dispatch International – had a terrifying experience while trying to cover a political event in the southern university city of Lund:

For more than 30 years, I have been a tough reporter who never hesitated to go on an assignment, no matter what was. I take journalism very seriously and know that when the media no longer write about what goes on in society, no longer scrutinize those in power, then  democracy is on the skids. This past Monday I encountered the end of my courage. Right in front of several police officers and ordinary citizens, I was hounded away from the gravel area in front of AF-Borgen in the Swedish city of Lund. Furious, masked and hateful “anti-racists” threatened me, pushed me around and forced me to leave the place. As photographer Roger Sahlström saw what was happening and caught one of the craziest attackers by his neck, two police officers finally reacted and came to our corner of the gravel area. But as soon as Roger let go of the demonstrator, they left again – leaving us to our fate. With a whole gang of spitting and extremely hateful gangsters in front of us, we were forced to give up. For the first time in my life, I left an assignment before it was complete. … The hatred, in particular the white hot unreasonable hatred, is what scares me. What kind of people are these? Where do they come from? What has happened to these young people who claim to be good ”anti-racists”, but behave as at any time they would throw themselves at me and tear me to shreds? Without hesitating. In spite of the presence of the police 20-30 meters away. But they do not see me. Or do they not care?

On May 1 the nationalist Party of the Swedes, with roots in Nazi movements, marched through the city of Jönköping. They were confronted by very aggressive activists, who made several serious attempts at penetrating police lines. Just like at the event in Malmö in March the activists threw fireworks and other objects at the participants in the march. The activists also set to cars on fire, one of which belonged to a high-ranking official of the Party of the Swedes. The following video gives a glimpse of what went on (go here for the original news report in Swedish). At about 0:35-0:40 two minor fireworks explosions can be heard, and at 0:52 a larger piece of fireworks can be seen burning on a side street. None of the fireworks reached the march, thanks only to aggressive barricading by riot police. However, in other news reports the police admit that their abilities to keep the activists from attaching the marchers were stretched to the limit:

Scenes like the ones in this video are now so common in Sweden that they don’t make national headlines unless a number of people are hospitalized as a result of the violence.

The violent events in the streets only scratch the surface of the political violence currently plaguing Swedish politics. Recently a former member of parliament for the Swedish Democrats, Mr. Erik Almqvist, decided to leave Sweden for fear of his own safety. Reports the Swedish website Avpixlat:

Former member of parliament for the Swedish Democrats, Erik Almqvist, announces that he is moving to Hungary. A main reason is that Almqvist is the subject of serious threats from hateful, violent leftist movements but is no longer eligible for personal protection from the parliamentary security service that he had while he was a member of parliament.

Mr. Almqvist’s party, the Swedish Democrats, is a patriotic party of the same brand as UKIP in Britain or FPÖ in Austria. It has nothing in common with the Nazi-rooted Party of the Swedes, except a skepticism toward immigration. However, while the Party of the Swedes are calling for ethnic cleansing in Sweden, the Swedish Democrats want to preserve Swedish culture and have a sensible level of immigration, tuned to what the country’s cultural, social and economic stability can absorb.

Ever since the Swedish Democrats made national headlines in 2006 by capturing many seats on city and county councils, their leading officials have been targeted by serious, politically driven and often very violent attacks. Officials of the Swedish Democrats have been assaulted in the public and at events organized by the party. National chairman Jimmie Åkesson admits to sleeping with a baseball bat next to his bed – despite the fact that he and many other party officials have bodyguards provided for them by the parliamentary security detail.

Many Swedish Democrat officials have also been attacked in their homes, including window smashing and arson attacks. One example is Mr. Ulf Prytz, precinct captain of the Swedish Democrats in the city of Ängelholm. On March 1 he was attacked in his own home. He was badly beaten, but recovers from the incident without permanent physical harm. However, in the weeks both before and after the assault Mr. Prytz has been the subject of various forms of threats and harassment. On May 1, two months after the assault in his home, Mr. Prytz once again finds himself on the receiving end of vicious violence, clearly related to his political activities:

A cabin belonging to Swedish Democrat official Ulf Prytz burned to the ground on Wednesday – one in a series of incidents directed against the Ängelholm politician this year. ‘It is terrifying and I am considering quitting politics altogether’ Ulf Prytz said the day after the fire. … There have been a lot of incidents, worse than what happened [on May 1]. Twelve difference incidents.

Due to the ongoing police investigation Mr. Prytz does not want to elaborate. We will, however, return to his case and other examples of political violence in Sweden. The situation is spinning out of control and it is no longer entirely certain that the country will be able to hold an entirely impartial national election in September next year. For the first time since parliamentary democracy came to Sweden there is a distinct possibility that political violence will compromise the integrity of the election.