Infanticide and the Welfare State

There are many signs that the European crisis is not at all a matter of a financial credit meltdown. If it were, the ethical foundations of the welfare states that define life in Europe would stand unfettered by the crisis. But it is rather clear by now, six years into the crisis, that its root cause was a big, redistributive and excessively expensive government. For this reason it is perhaps no big surprise that the economic crisis is escalating into a moral crisis. After all, the welfare state was built on high-pitched moral principles, presenting the collectivist theory behind the welfare state as ethically superior to free-market capitalism.

Well, there is hardly any doubt anymore that the fiscal decline of the welfare state is paving the way for moral decay where the value of life itself is changing. In my essay The Black Coats of Death Care in November last year I explained that desperate attempts to save the welfare state in the midst of an economic crisis lead to a situation where…

some lives are deemed too costly to live. The moral cynicism in this budget-driven sorting process, where lives worthy of living as spared and lives unworthy of living are discarded, bears strong resemblances to certain medical practices under the Third Reich. Those practices were summarized under the label Lebensunwertes Leben, i.e., life unworthy of living; to mark this strong resemblance I use the term Haushaltsunwertes Leben (life unworthy of the budget) for the rationing-driven practice where people are selected to die or suffer in order to keep a lid on the government’s costs for health care. Regardless of whether a government-run health care system chooses people to die for reasons of “population hygiene”, which was the motivation in the Third Reich, or to “balance the budget”, as the motivation is in the modern welfare state, the practice creates entirely new moral standards for the notion of what a life is. It is no longer sacrosanct, even by the highest ethical standards applied in our modern, government-dominated health care. In addition to the use of tax money to fund abortions, health care systems in the modern welfare state are beginning to establish euthanasia as a form of medical practice on par with traditional forms of health care treatment.

And euthanasia is coming. reminds us that in December, the upper chamber of the legislature in Belgium passed a bill that would legalize child euthanasia.

Today Lifenews,com presents yet another voice in the debate over government-sanctioned infanticide. As the Belgian legislative bill moves closer to becoming law of the land in that troubled little EU member state, a family in Quebec directs a plea to the Belgian king to not sign the bill into law. Their video is a very important contribution to the fight against the moral decay that follows in the footsteps of the declining welfare state:


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  1. Pete Townshend

    How can liberals use the “do it for the children” argument so readily, yet produce so heinous a law and campaign for it? The idea of “justice” from them is a bizarre irony. Watching them IS watching Hitler & ilk in their early days.