South Africa Under Siege

This would be funny if it was not for its grave implications. A member of the “Economic Freedom Fighters” in the South African parliament calls the country’s sitting president Jacob Zuma “the greatest thief in the world”. When the speaker tries to convince her to retract her statement she refuses. Other members of her party intervene in her support, gradually escalating the situation to where the police has to intervene.

The more I see of the “Economic Freedom Fighters” and their cunning, reckless leader Julius Malema, the more I suspect that they are deliberately trying to disrupt South Africa’s frail parliamentary democracy. Malema’s party has a platform that is filled with radical socialist rhetoric, and their methods as expressed in parliament are outright disrespectful of a free, democratic society. It should not be ruled out that Malema and his movement are out to destabilize South Africa politically in order to seize power when the opportunity arises.