Skies of Freedom: New Book!

Freedom is your birthright.

Never forget that.

One man who forgot it, was A.T., a loyal servant to the Grand Chancellor’s State Security agency. It is A.T.’s job to find every seditionist in the country, to arrest them and have them sent off to… the camps.

One day, A.T. has to watch as the Grand Chancellor’s personal guard savagely beat a young, wounded and helpless woman to death. Her crime? Speaking her mind in front of the Grand Chancellor.

That day, A.T. decides to leave his privileged life. He goes from being the tyrant’s loyal servant to his foremost enemy.

He leads a small group of freedom-loving refugees on a quest for the freedom the Grand Chancellor has taken away from them. As they flee, the tyrant’s rangers are on their heels. But there is no other country to go to. Every nation has lost its freedom. Their country was the last vestige of liberty.

Desperate to the brink of death, they seek refuge atop a tall mountain. They have heard that freedom-loving aliens from another world may come and rescue them.

But will they?

This is a book about character transformation. It is a book about a man’s conscientious awakening, about his self-sacrificing strife to save the freedom refugees from the tyrant he once served. It is a book about their dreams, about men willing to give their lives…

…so their children one day can wake up under the Skies of Freedom.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get your copy today.